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How Much Does it Cost to Travel Around the World? 04.24.2012
Five continents, 27 countries, 23 flights, 331 days later... 04.18.2012
The Final Week 04.16.2012
The Wet Coast? 04.10.2012
Crossing the Cook Strait to New Zealand's South Island 04.04.2012
New Zealand – Bring on the Pant-Wetting Activities! 03.26.2012
Australian Road Trip: Melbourne to Sydney 03.23.2012
Cruising the East Coast in a Campervan 03.15.2012
Traveling from Sydney to Cairns 03.08.2012
Landed in the Land Down Under 03.04.2012
Our Last Hurrah in South East Asia! 02.19.2012
Catching the Surf in Bali & Wandering the Temples in Angkor 02.07.2012
In the Ring of Fire – Indonesia 02.04.2012
Whale Sharks and Ancient Rice Terraces 01.28.2012
Back in the States – Oh wait, it’s just Singapore! 01.20.2012
On the Banana Pancake Trail in Malaysia 01.14.2012
Island Hopping to ring in the New Year 01.05.2012
Dashing through Cambodia on our way to a Bangkok Christmas 12.29.2011
From Hanoi to Saigon 12.21.2011
Zipping and Tubing through Laos 12.10.2011
Sàwàtdii Khâ (Hello) from Thailand! 12.02.2011
Where Europe and Asia Collide 11.23.2011
The Modern Day Promised Land 11.14.2011
Jerusalem and the West Bank 11.06.2011
Amman, the Dead Sea, and Jerash 11.02.2011
Jordan and the Amazing Petra… 10.27.2011
Luxor and the Sinai Peninsula... 10.18.2011
Touched down in Egypt and the Middle East…. 10.14.2011
Nairobi and Parting Thoughts on Africa 10.06.2011
The Infamous Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater 10.02.2011
Conquering Africa's Highest Mountain 10.02.2011
Tanzania: Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar 09.25.2011
Off The Beaten Path: Mozambique II 09.16.2011
Off the Beaten Path in Mozambique I 09.13.2011
Malawi and some R&R 09.01.2011
Zambia- A River Runs Through It 08.23.2011
Travelling Zimbabwe and Vic Falls Part II 08.20.2011
Victoria Falls (Part 1 – “Zam”) and Botswana 08.09.2011
Safari and Schnitzel? 07.27.2011
Cape Town and Great White Sharks... 07.22.2011
South Africa! 07.14.2011
La Paz and Parting Thoughts... 07.06.2011
Bolivia's Amazing Salt Flats 06.29.2011
Livin' La Vida Gaucho... 06.21.2011
Cloudy With a Chance of...Ash?? 06.18.2011
Traveling Uruguay 06.11.2011
Mind-blowing Waterfalls.... 06.08.2011
Exploring Rio de Janerio 06.04.2011
Why is there a crab in our hostel? 05.30.2011
Beaches, Waterfalls, and Caipirinhas... 05.27.2011
Touched Down in Brazil... 05.24.2011
Welcome to the "Hostel" Honeymoon! 05.24.2011